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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Making an Impact through Supreme Court Advocacy

A recent report reveals that, by the grace of God, ADF has not only been blessed with great success at the Court, but with great success in bringing cases before that Court.

Three Universities, Three Student Groups, and Three Unconstitutional Speech Policies

University campuses may be slowing down as students leave for the holidays, but universities across the country are keeping ADF busy.

How the Government Is (or Is Not) Upholding Our First Amendment Rights

It seems only appropriate that today – on Bill of Rights Day – we pause to recall what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says.

Holding up Jack Phillips’ Hands in His Fight for Religious Freedom

It is your support that will help keep Jack's hands steady as he awaits a decision from the Supreme Court.

An Early Christmas Present: FBI Investigating Planned Parenthood over Baby Part Sales

Last week, Fox News discovered that the Justice Department is investigating Planned Parenthood for its role in trafficking baby body parts.

Religious Freedom Needs Reinforcement

“We are all in this together” is one of those things that can’t be said enough. Especially when it comes to the Church.

Can Churches Police Themselves? Johnson Amendment Advocates Think Not

At its core, the Johnson Amendment should deeply offend religious leaders.