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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Connecticut Policy Robs Girls of Athletic Opportunities

Four female athletes are standing up to this unfair treatment. 

Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name From a NY Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Erase Its Eugenic Practices

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood based on the idea of controlling the genetic make-up of the human population.

5 International Cases You Should Know About

ADF International is dedicated to keeping the doors open for the Gospel worldwide so that every nation, tribe, and tongue may hear that Good News. And there is much work to be done.

How You Can Join the Movement to End Cancel Culture

Although the Philadelphia Statement is just a starting point, change begins here. Together, let’s end the ideological blacklisting and recommit to embracing true diversity.

Read Past the Headline: This LGBT Cake Artist Declined to Express a Message Just Like Jack Phillips

If you read the full article, you’ll find that the stories of these two cake artists are more similar than the headline would have you believe.

Court Gives Female Athletes Who Want to Preserve Women’s Sports a Voice in the Fight

This is great news! Now the court will be able to hear the perspective of two athletes who are directly harmed by the push to allow males who identify as females to participate in women’s athletics.

Big Win! Court Rules Photographer Chelsey Nelson Has the Right to Choose Which Events to Celebrate

Today a federal district court ruled in favor of ADF client Chelsey Nelson, a creative professional in Louisville, Kentucky.