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Marriage & Family

The March for Marriage in Photos

Before the March for Marriage, I didn't really know what to expect, but I certainly wasn't expecting what took place.

Isn’t it Ironic? GoFundMe's Discrimination

Evidently, GoFundMe wants to stand on the right to operate their business consistent with their moral convictions, but they refuse to support that same right for others.

Key Decision Brings Hope for Rights of Conscience Cases Coast to Coast

In the increasingly uphill legal struggle to ensure the rights of Christians in America to operate their private businesses in accordance with their faith, Blaine Adamson just secured an incredible foothold.

Is "love makes a family" really a fair thing to tell kids?

In the movie What a Girl Wants, 17-year-old Daphne Reynolds has an exceptional relationship with her mother. They are best friends, she knows she's loved, and she has a great life. But something is missing.

Rational Voices of the LGBT Community Support Religious Freedom

RFRA restores religious freedom - hence its very clear title. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some rational voices from the LGBT community and its supporters.

What Do Children Have to Do with Marriage Anyway?

Sure, not everyone gets the ideal for a whole host of reasons, but when did we stop pursuing the very best that life has to offer? Aren't we worth it? Aren't our children worth it?

Win! Kentucky Court Won't Force Christian Printer to Print Messages He Disagrees With

Kentucky printer was cleared of charges of "unjust discrimination" for referring an order for pride event t-shirts to a printer who matched his price.