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Marriage & Family

Same-Sex Marriage Doesn't Affect Anyone? Just Ask Jack Phillips

Activists have argued over and over that same-sex marriage does not affect anyone but the two people getting married. I think Jack Phillips would disagree—don't you?

When’s the Last Time You Paid Attention to City Hall?

Cities across the U.S. are contemplating new laws that would put “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in the same category as race or religion.

“Discrimination:” The Conversation Killer

Proponents of sexual orientation, gender identity (SOGI) laws, like to throw around the word “discrimination” to describe Christian beliefs – and the actions based on those beliefs – regarding sexuality and marriage.

If Gender Matters in Jury Selection, Why Not in Parenting?

Men and women always bring something unique to the table, and to ignore that is not just unfair to children, it's unfair to moms and dads.

When Kids Watch Their Father Love Their Mother

When children see their mother and father love each other, they themselves feel loved by both parents, but in situations when their parent loves someone who isn’t their biological mom or dad, they actually feel in competition for their affection.

Why We Need to Stop Asking Kids to be Adults

Fighting for marriage requires more than opposing its redefinition: it includes rebuilding a marriage culture from the ground up.

There's a New Bully at Your Kid's School but It's Probably Not Who You Think

Organizations that oppose the family have taken a keen interest in your children and grandchildren and are more involved than ever in what they are learning in school.