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This #GivingTuesday, Help Secure Freedom for Future Generations

By Eric Porteous posted on:
November 28, 2017

We have seen God at work in the past year at Alliance Defending Freedom. By His grace – and thanks to your generous support – Christians across the nation are getting the free legal defense they need to protect their freedom to live and work consistent with their faith.

We’ve seen victories for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and freedom of conscience. And as we look forward to the year ahead, we see God going before us.

  • In one week, ADF attorneys will be representing Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips before the U.S. Supreme Court. Jack simply wants the freedom to use his God-given artistic talents to express the messages and celebrate the events that he chooses and to decline those that contradict his beliefs.
  • ADF has also asked the Supreme Court to hear the case of Washington floral artist Barronelle Stutzman, who has been sued for everything she owns professionally and personally simply because she declined to design custom floral arrangements for a long-time customer’s same-sex wedding. She is asking the Court to uphold her right to live and work according to her faith.  
  • ADF is also representing pro-life pregnancy care centers in California that are challenging a state law forcing them to promote abortions. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court agreed to hear this case.

Each of these legal battles could become a landmark case for freedom of conscience. But without the support of our generous Ministry Friends, none of this would be possible.

And these are just a few of the cases that ADF is working on.

In addition to the Supreme Court, the battle for religious freedom is happening in courts across our nation. You’ve stood with our clients in the lower courts: the videographers, the farmers, the fire chief, the t-shirt designer, and many more. These clients have demonstrated true courage by standing for their faith and running with endurance the race God has set before them (Hebrews 12:1).

By standing with them, you too are running the race.

But the race we are running together will not end this year. We continue to face new and growing challenges to religious freedom. And if we don’t stand up today to keep the doors open for the Gospel, our children and grandchildren could live in a much different world than we do.

On this #GivingTuesday, will you run this race with us?

#GivingTuesday is a movement that encourages people worldwide to join together on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to financially support causes they are passionate about. Your generous donation today will allow us to defend freedom’s future for this generation of clients...and the next one. It will help secure religious freedom for you…and for your children and grandchildren.

We can’t run this race without your support. And with so much at stake, we must endure. With so many other possibilities on this #GivingTuesday, please consider a gift to defend freedom’s future. It’s a gift that could make a lasting difference.

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Eric Porteous

Eric Porteous

Director of Digital Content

Eric Porteous is an ordinary guy who wants to live an extraordinary life.

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