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CBN News: Jack Phillips and Crumbling Freedom

October 17, 2017
By: Emily Conley

Is protection for religious freedom crumbling?  CBN recently created a video telling the story of our client, baker Jack Phillips. Jack respectfully declined to use his creative talents to promote and endorse a same-sex ceremony. His stand for marriage got him in trouble with the law, but it's also inspiring people around the world. Read CBN's article here.

“[What the Commission ruled is that] Jack’s First Amendment rights, Jack’s freedom to express himself or more importantly, not express himself, must bow to the complainants’ message. And all I can say is what that looks like to me is something very frightening, and that’s nothing more than diversity through conformity, and that’s not diversity at all.” – Nicole Martin, ADF Allied Attorney

If Jack's story moved you, you can help us defend people like him with a donation today, and by spreading his story by sharing it on social media. Donate Now  

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