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4 Stories You Need To Know: Airstrikes in Iraq, Planned Parenthood Scandal, and More

October 17, 2017
By: Emily Conley

1. U.S. Takes Action Against ISIS as Attacks Continue on Christians and Religious Minorities

By far the biggest story of the day: U.S. fighter jets bombed ISIS (now known as Islamic State) militants in Iraq this morning, and according to CNN, “U.S. warplanes patrolling the skies over northern Iraq have a ‘green light’ to go after perceived ISIS threats to the Kurdish capital, Irbil, or to minority populations, said deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.” Those "minority populations" could include bringing military aid to the Yazidi, a religious ethnic group who fled to Mount Sinjar. These thousands of refugees have been trapped without food and water for days. On Thursday night, two U.S. military cargo planes airdropped gallons of water and meals. According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, “[The Islamic State's]‘campaign of terror against the innocent, including the Yazidi and Christian minorities, and its grotesque targeted acts of violence show all the warning signs of genocide.’” Read more coverage here.

2. The U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Rule on Marriage

Our attorneys representing an Oklahoma county clerk asked the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday to uphold the freedom of Oklahomans to affirm marriage as the union of one man and one woman in their laws. We’ll post more on this case Monday, but you can read the press release here.

3. European High Court Rules No “Right” to Same-sex Marriage

As the debate over the definition of marriage inches closer to the U.S. Supreme Court level, the European Court of Human Rights (which is kind of like a “Supreme Court of Europe”) has decided that the European Convention on Human Rights (which is kind of like our Constitution) does not require that nations recognize same-sex marriage. We asked, Will this decision affect the U.S.?

4. ADF Calls for Investigation into Planned Parenthood for Not Reporting Rape
ADF filed a complaint with the Arizona Department of Health Services Thursday that asks the agency to investigate a Tempe Planned Parenthood facility for allegedly failing to report, as state law requires, the rape of a young girl by 18-year-old Tyler Kost, who then reportedly went on to sexually assault others. “Planned Parenthood’s main concern should be the safety of young girls, not the size of its profit margin,” said ADF Legal Counsel Natalie Decker. “Sadly, this is not an exception, and Planned Parenthood is abusing more than just taxpayer dollars. Their complicity in placing young girls at the mercy of adult male sexual predators can’t be ignored, nor should it be allowed to continue.”  

Any stories I should include in my next round up? Suggest them to me on Twitter at @Emily_ADF.

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