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Guiding Principles

Christ-Centered:  Christ-centered in speech, attitude, and conduct

  • Christ-honoring in speech, attitude, and conduct
  • Demonstrates growing relationship with Christ
  • Demonstrates the Fruit of the Spirit

Dedicated to Excellence:  Dedicated to excellence through achieving superior quality and exceptional results

  • Quality – accuracy, thoroughness, attention to detail, and overall quality
  • Results – Completion of assignments
  • Effective interpersonal and written communications
  • Willingness to learn and improve

Good Steward:  A good steward of ministry resources, and effective time management and planning skills

  • Good steward of ministry resources
  • Properly manages time
  • Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work
  • Ability to keep up with work load and acceptance of additional assignments

Servant-Oriented:  Servant-oriented through encouraging words, edifying speech, and an ability to work harmoniously while meeting the needs of team members and team leaders

  • Encourages, edifies, and works harmoniously with others (peers, team leaders, other teams, allies)
  • Cooperates with team members
  • Anticipates and meets needs
  • Effective in team building
  • Has the mentality of “It’s not about me”

Committed to Victory:  Committed to victory through prayerfully entering each battle, strategizing plans to win, and demonstrating respect toward those who oppose us.

  • Victory mentality
  • Dependable
  • Makes decisions according to the strategy to win
  • Demonstrates respect toward all parties involved