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Student Rights Handbook

From kindergarten through college, students today face an increasing level of censorship and even punishment for their Christian values. But being a Christian means living out your faith in all aspects of your life, including at school.

Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to ensuring that Christians remain free to live out their faith in their educational pursuits. We have litigated hundreds of cases against public schools throughout the nation to secure these rights.


But litigation is only one part of our mission. Students, parents, teachers, and coaches working in a public school setting need to know and understand their legal rights. That’s why we created this free handbook. We believe in educating and informing you. 

Please download this free resource and share it with a friend. And if you feel that you or your child has been discriminated against because of your faith, or if you have further questions about your rights, we are here to help.

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Included in This Guide:
  • What rights do individual K-12 students have to express their faith at school?
  • What rights do religious clubs have to access secondary school facilities?
  • What can students, coaches, and teachers do as part of a religious club on campus?
  • What rights do students have to express their faith and beliefs on college campuses?

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