CampaignThe Stormans made a stand

If the State of Washington can deny their religious freedom, who could be next?


Your religious freedom is on the line, too

If Washington State can deny the Stormans’ religious freedom, then no one’s religious freedom is safe. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom appealed their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has turned down the Stormans’ request for appeal, forcing them to now confront the terrible choice between violating their beliefs, or closing down their pharmacy business.

Your help is critically needed now. It’s the Stormans today, but tomorrow it may be you or someone you know.

$3 million needed by June 30

We must finish the fiscal year strong in order to prepare for critical battles in the year ahead. Please help with a generous fiscal year-end gift today. If we stand together, religious freedom can win.