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Defend Religious Freedom in Our Schools

It’s a sad fact. Most Christian students are unaware of their God-given right to religious freedom — a right guaranteed by the Constitution. As a result, they do not fully understand that they can freely exercise their faith in public schools.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its collaborators are misleading school administrators by demanding what they call the “separation of church and state” — even though this is a false understanding of the First Amendment.

Through a campaign of fear, intimidation, and disinformation, they have deceived many school officials into believing Christian expression is not allowed in schools.

But you can help defend religious freedom in our schools with your support today. Your gift to defend their rights will be doubled, dollar for dollar.

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Help win for Christian students

When Christian students are denied their religious freedom, we all lose.

Your gift to defend their rights will be DOUBLED, dollar for dollar.

Activists opposed to faith and freedom are using public schools to indoctrinate our children

As our clients attest, Christian students are being told they are not allowed to pray over lunch, talk with classmates about the Bible during recess time, or express their faith as part of classroom assignments.

All of these restrictions violate the rights of our children and grandchildren.

Many schools fear an ACLU lawsuit, so they clamp down on Christian expression. Standing alone, parents and grandparents are often overmatched by our tax-funded public education system and activists who want to remove faith from public schools.

But when the Body of Christ stands and fights together, we can - and we do - win.

When we stand together, we have victory and hope

By joining together with other generous Ministry Friends, you’ve already helped contribute to growing numbers of victories for Christian students. Thanks be to God for all your support has accomplished. The list includes:


Los Angeles 5th-Grader
Brian Hickman

Preserved free speech and religious freedom in the nation’s second-largest school district when it demanded that he select a different song for his school’s talent show because the song he had originally chosen had “too much Jesus.”


Colorado High School Student
Chase Windebank

Persuaded school officials to stop illegally preventing students from meeting to discuss the Bible and pray during their free period.


Pennsylvania Elementary Student
Katie Ayers

Won a major appeals court victory forcing administrators to affirm students’ free speech rights — after administrators blocked her attempt to invite classmates to a church Christmas party.

And dozens more!

Your gift today will be doubled by a matching grant

Through these and other victories, all by God’s grace, you are helping us turn the tide! And every victory brings us closer to the day when students, parents, teachers, and administrators will fully understand that the Constitution and religious freedom apply everywhere ... including inside our public schools!

Thanks to a $900,000 matching grant, your gift will go twice as far to defend the rights of Christian students and restore religious freedom in our public schools.

By God’s grace — and with your prayers and support — we will give future generations of your family the opportunity to grow up in a nation where they can freely live out their faith.