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Fighting for Freedom While Standing for Life

Should the government be able to force a pregnancy center—that exists solely to further its pro-life mission—to tell women where they can get an abortion? Of course not.

But the State of California has passed a law targeting these pregnancy centers and telling their workers they have to advertise for the abortion industry even in their very own clinics.

Alliance Defending Freedom was created for cases like this. And on March 20, 2018, we will stand before the United States Supreme Court and argue on behalf of our ally the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) and its affiliated pregnancy centers in California. The outcome of the case—NIFLA v. Becerra—could not only affect the freedom of speech for every American, but it could save innocent lives. You can learn more about this crucial case by watching the video below.

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For an expectant mom, an unplanned pregnancy can be filled with questions and uncertainty. Why did this happen? Do I have a way out? How do I raise a child? Who will support me? Thankfully, pro-life pregnancy centers exist to offer hope and help to these women. By providing free and tangible services that can include medical assistance, food and clothing, parenting classes, and more, these centers are making a real difference in their communities and saving lives in the process.

But apparently that isn’t enough for the State of California. Backed by abortion groups, they’re targeting these centers and forcing them to endorse a message that conflicts with their pro-life mission. But a government that tells Americans what they must say has overstepped its authority. Watch the video and inform your friends about this important case by sharing it on Facebook.


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Your Freedom of Speech Is on the Line

If the government can coercively put its words into one person’s mouth—in this case, pro-life pregnancy centers—then freedom for all of us is at risk. In fact, California is not alone in passing such a law. The desire to force free citizens to speak politically correct messages is threatening our liberties across the nation. Thankfully, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech for everyone, not just those whose speech is considered popular.

That’s why we’re asking the United States Supreme Court to protect freedom of speech—not just for these pregnancy centers, but for anyone who would be forced by the government to speak a message that contradicts their sincerely held beliefs.

How ADF Defends the Sanctity of Life

The pro-life movement needs a strong legal defense—especially if we ever hope to overturn Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to defending the sanctity of life and promoting a culture that recognizes all human life as sacred in several key areas.


Pro-life students on campus often face intense opposition from faculty and their fellow students, as well as unequal treatment from administrators. But these passionate students are not shy about sharing the pro-life message. That’s why we must defend their right to speak boldly on the issue that is so close to their hearts.

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For too long, the scandal-ridden abortion organization has raked in hundreds of millions of our tax dollars each year. Along with our allies in the pro-life community, we’re raising awareness about the truth of Planned Parenthood at the local, state, and federal levels.

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Rights of Conscience

Our culture doesn’t recognize that all human life is sacred. This has led to abortion on demand and a national campaign to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. But those who want no part in either practice are fighting for their rights of conscience. As a result, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, business owners, religious schools, and even pro-life organizations like the March for Life are experiencing legal threats to their rights of conscience. We are defending their freedom to live, work, and speak consistently with their pro-life beliefs.

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Defending Those Who Defend Life

A growing number of people are standing up for life, but many are finding themselves in need of legal help when they are censored or punished for their pro-life views. Alliance Defending Freedom stands with those who stand for life.

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