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The Turning Of The Tide
It’s so hard to explain to people how different things were, back in the mid-70s, when I was in law school … before the pro-life movement came alive. 

The legal cement was still hardening around the new Roe v. Wade decision. A few religious leaders were speaking out against this radical change in our laws and culture, but most kept silent. I actually heard some ministers tell their congregations that abortion was not an issue for Christians to focus on.

That’s not to say that these leaders actually favored abortion – they just couldn’t grasp how widespread, how far-reaching, how profoundly evil the agenda of those pressing the abortion laws had become. Or how much worse things were going to get.

More than 53 million aborted children later, the awful reality of what our nation has done is still hard to fathom. So is the fact that the killing goes on, hour after hour, day after day. But recent events have borne witness to something few could have imagined, even a few years ago.

The culture is turning. A new generation of young people is outraged and outspoken at this continuing assault on life. And, by His grace, more and more are finding the godly courage to stand for the truth in their communities and on their college and university campuses. (See story, p. 8.) What’s more, that same grace is enabling our Alliance Defense Fund attorneys and their allies to make increasing legal headway against abortion providers in courts around the country.

Gradually, groups like Planned Parenthood are being brought to their financial knees. Last summer, an appellate court ruled 3-0 that Arizona’s Abortion Consent Act is constitutional. The bill prohibits non-doctors from performing abortions, protects health care workers who refuse to help with abortions, and requires notarized parental consent for minors seeking abortions. (ADF attorneys had argued the case on behalf of several Arizona pro-life groups and organizations.)

Following the court’s ruling, Planned Parenthood stopped offering abortions at seven of its state clinics. In two months, the number of abortions in Arizona had dropped by one-third from what it was just a year earlier. That’s just the beginning. A growing number of former Planned Parenthood employees are speaking out against the wrongs they’ve seen and done. Coast to coast, the winds are beginning to blow hard against the No. 1 sponsor of abortion in the country.

Praise God for this victory – and many others, still to come. And I praise Him that I’ve lived to see a renewed sense of urgency, of courage, and of hope for the end of abortion in America.

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