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In The News: Volume III, Issue 2
“The Alliance Defense Fund is perhaps the primary defender of First Amendment rights in cases involving … beliefs of conservative Christians. The ACLU [is] an increasingly unreliable defender of speech and belief that conflicts with its [homosexual] rights agenda.”
The Atlantic
Former ACLU board member Wendy Kaminer

“If the Alliance Defense Fund had even one Gelbaum supporting it with anything close to the [millions] he was sending the left-wing lawyers at the ACLU, religious liberty, unborn life, and traditional marriage would at least be fully represented in the courts.”
The Washington Examiner
Hugh Hewitt, with regard to the ACLU losing $19 million per year in annual donations from financier David Gelbaum

“Today, our pastors are not free to preach about candidates and elections; tomorrow they may not be free to preach on other topics.”
The Washington Times
ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley

“The family is the first institution. It precedes all other forms of government.”
Legatus Magazine
ADF President Alan Sears

“There are very sound public policy reasons to define marriage as one man and woman, including the inevitable fact that when you put men and women together, they produce children.”
The New York Times
ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence

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