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In The News: Volume I, Issue 2
by Greg Scott, ADF National Media Relations Director

Across America today, Christians’ religious liberties are under more concerted legal attack than at any time in our history. But by God’s grace, these asimg-cnn-logosaults do not go unchallenged by the Alliance Defense Fund – nor unnoticed by the national media. This summer, ADF’s efforts kept the national conversation about our fundamental rights alive – even amid the “all-election-all-the-time” media cacophony.
Assigned to create a landscape for his art class, a Wisconsin high school student included a cross and a reference to John3:16 in his picture. He received a zero for the assignment after his teacher reminded him of the class policy: no religious beliefs – although other students in the same class who referenced demons and pagan religions weren’t marked down at all.   

img-foxnews-logoThe school district settled after ADF filed suit in federal court, and it quickly became the buzz of cable news. The teen’s ADF attorneys appeared on the Fox News Channel’s FOX & Friends, CNN’s Glenn Beck Show, and MSNBC. Foxnews.com and Yahoo.com also featured the case.  
Elaine Huguenin and her husband co-own a small photography business in Albuquerque. After politely declining to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony, Elaine was hauled before New Mexico’s so-called “Human Rights” Commission to answer for her faith. Ignoring her First Amendment protections, the commission ruled against her.  img-MSNBC-logo

Outrage over this unconstitutional attack swept the country. ADF attorneys, who have now appealed the Huguenins’ case to a state court, appeared on national radio programs, including Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Janet Parshall’s America, Point of View, and The Complete Story with Dick Bott. 
Arguments by ADF attorneys on behalf of marriage in California were covered in more than 500 print and online news sources, including every major daily paper across the country. With the state constitutional amendment coming up for a popular vote in November, that coverage will continue to grow.

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