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Disturbing Decision in California Marriage Case Has Profound Implications for Religious Freedom
The recent decision in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger – a decision that held  “unconstitutional” the decision of more than seven million Californians to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman – was heartbreaking for all who love religious liberty, and could prove to be a disaster for the American people.

Sadly, radical partisans of the homosexual legal agenda – an agenda that ultimately supports not the redefinition of marriage, but the abolition of it – have become more and more willing to sacrifice all other freedoms for the sake of embracing sexual anarchy.

A flurry of tweets just before the decision announced the intent of activists throughout California to riot en masse if the decision didn’t go their way. Turns out, they needn’t have worried. But the threat of violence underscores (like the Perry ruling itself) the thuggish realities of the homosexual legal agenda, revealing it to be a blunt and brutal contradiction not only of all existing law and historic tradition, but of common sense. Worse, the decision proves that the most inevitable result of accomplishing that agenda will not be the achievement of some elusive “equality” for those practicing homosexual behavior, but the marginalization of Christians from the public square. Consider:

1.  This is the first-ever federal court decision to assert a fundamental “right” to same-sex unions under the U.S. Constitution.  

2. The court’s decision plainly states that “Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage.”  Such judgments are outside the judiciary’s role. They go beyond revising the Constitution to embrace a rewrite of reality, as articulated by nature and the Bible.  

3. The court justifies its embrace of same-sex unions in part by divorcing the idea of marriage from the bearing and raising of children. Of course, without that connection – with no legal tie to gender, male/female roles, the establishment of families, or the parenting of children – all sane barriers to same-sex “marriage” are removed … along with any need for secular marriage of any shape or kind. Which is exactly the point.

4. Although the homosexual agenda has been soundly defeated in every state where it’s been brought to a direct, people-initiated vote, the growing inclination of judges to circumvent the democratic process in cases like this one inevitably creates seismic tremors in the 44 other states that have enacted laws specifically affirming marriage as the union of one man and one woman. 

"The ruling states that...the Christian view has no place in the law."

More than 294 million Americans could find the most fundamental institution of their society radically changed, and themselves with absolutely no legal recourse for blocking that revolution.

5. The ruling states that the California marriage amendment was premised on nothing more than the “private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to opposite-sex couples” and that that view – i.e., the Christian view – has no place in the law. Christians, in other words, should not be allowed to invoke their consciences in discussing or deciding social and political issues: a crushing blow to religious liberty.

But religious liberty has shown herself resilient, by the grace of God, when those who love Him are willing to stand in His strength in defense of their freedom.  ADF is making that stand today, in alliance with many other faithful ones.  Watch and see the salvation of the Lord.

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