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Allied Attorney Chuck LiMandri
In college, Chuck LiMandri’s career aptitude test said he was most suited for ministry, social work, or the law. “Doing religious liberty work kind of wraps up all three,” he says with a laugh. “So I’m fulfilling my destiny.”

LiMandri’s destiny also primed him to become one of Alliance Defending Freedom’s most dependable allies in defending the three key issues both care deeply about: life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

img-Charles-Limandri“They’re all integrally related,” he says. “You cannot have a loss of respect for marriage without having a loss of respect for life. And that’s going to cause a problem with religious liberty, for people who are bucking against the [cultural] trend, to try and preserve marriage and life.”

Something of a legal Renaissance man, the San Diego native defended the cross on that city’s Mount Soledad against ACLU efforts to remove it for more than a decade, took a leading role in the defense of Proposition 8 in California, and successfully defended (with the help of ADF attorneys) four San Diego firefighters forced to participate in a homosexual pride parade. (In the course of those and many other cases, LiMandri has contributed over $2 million worth of pro bono service.) He’s also represented Priests for Life and Legatus (a group of Catholic business leaders) in litigation against the HHS abortion pill mandate.

The breadth, depth, and generosity of LiMandri’s legal contributions have brought him not only the appreciation of his ADF allies but also the ministry’s 2015 Service Award honoring outstanding pro bono work. He says that, as a civil lawyer, he finds joy in working alongside fellow Christians for something bigger than a mere financial settlement.

“These disputes that I work on with ADF transcend the issue of money, because they’re about ideas and values that define our culture and determine the course of our nation and, to a large extent, the future of our children and grandchildren.”

“ADF is a very classy group,” he adds. “Everything they do is first-rate. I was trained, in big law firms, that excellence is the standard—and that’s how ADF practices.” But more important, he says, “is the spirit of fellowship, and sense of mission and purpose and higher calling ... that we’re not just serving our clients, but in a very real sense, serving our Lord.”

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