BLOGMedia Bias on Jack Phillips' Case Shows the Facts Are Not on the Opposing Side

By Maureen Collins Posted on: | September 07, 2018

By now, you have probably heard the infuriating news. Jack Phillips, the cake artist at the center of the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case, is facing yet another case from the same state government he fought all the way to the Supreme Court.

For the simple act of declining to design a same-sex wedding cake in 2012, Colorado hit Jack with “re-education” training and a six-year legal battle. Now, even after losing at the Supreme Court, the same state actors are going after Jack for declining to create a cake celebrating a “gender transition.” The very day that the media announced that the Supreme Court agreed to hear Jack’s case, his shop received a request to design a cake, with a blue and pink design, celebrating a gender transition from male to female. Since Jack believes that we are created male and female by God and that is not something we can choose or change, he could not express this celebratory message through his cake art.

Jack and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner recently discussed this latest case on Fox News last week.

But progressive and pro-LGBT news sites are misrepresenting the facts.

Writers at ThinkProgress and BuzzFeed, for instance, have tried to claim that the requested cake was just a birthday cake. But that is deceptive. The local attorney who requested the cake made it clear that the cake was intended to celebrate a birthday and a gender transition, which both fell on the same day, and that the cake’s design was intended to commemorate and celebrate that transition.

It was not simply a “birthday cake.” If it were, Jack would have happily created it.

The intended message was celebrating a transition from male to female. But that is a message Jack has never created for any customer. Referring to the cake as a “birthday cake” is clearly trying to deflect this point.

But why? I think it’s because these authors—though they would never admit it—actually understand Jack’s argument from the first case.  Jack serves all people, but he simply cannot express all messages, especially messages that contradict his deepest beliefs.

Jack often declines cake requests because of their messages, including cakes celebrating Halloween, denigrating God or religion, or glorifying alcohol or drug abuse. Jack also declines to design cakes that disparage people who identify as LGBT.

That is why it is super ironic that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to disparage Jack at the expense of those who identify as LGBT. Kimmel said of Jack: “It’s funny because this is a guy who spends all day, every day, meticulously designing flowers out of icing. His whole life is gay, okay?”

Those derogatory comments, which stereotype all people who identify as LGBT, say way more about Kimmel than they do about Jack.

From reporters clouding the facts to a prominent late-night host making cheap jokes about the people he is supposedly supporting, it is clear the left has little to stand on when it comes to this second attack on Jack Phillips. If the facts were on their side, they would not have to resort to these tactics.

Maureen Collins

Web Writer

Maureen has a passion for writing and politics, and her work has appeared on The Federalist and

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