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By Maureen Collins Posted on: | August 22, 2018

Jack Phillips is being targeted by the Colorado government a second time. Even after enduring a six-year legal battle against that same state government.  Even after winning a 7-to-2 United States Supreme Court decision against Colorado. Even after that same decision called out state officials for their blatant hostility towards Jack’s faith.

In going after Jack again, state officials are proving they do harbor an “impermissible hostility” towards people like Jack. As you will remember, Jack was first targeted by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission when he declined to create a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding in 2012.

Now, merely two months after the Supreme Court ruled in his favor, Colorado officials are claiming that Jack acted illegally by declining to create a cake with a blue and pink design celebrating a gender transition. The cake was requested by an attorney on the very same day Jack’s first case was granted a hearing at the Supreme Court in 2017. Anyone who followed Jack’s original case knows that he serves everyone who comes into his shop. He just cannot express all messages through his cakes.

This makes perfect sense. But, at best, Colorado officials don’t seem to get it. And at worst, they have a vendetta against people of faith who want to live according to their beliefs.

This latest development in Jack’s case may seem disheartening. It’s discouraging that even a favorable opinion from the highest court in the nation did not prevent bureaucrats from targeting someone for their faith. Not just that, but state officials are targeting the very same person who brought them to the Supreme Court and won in the first place.

It is shocking and angering that this could happen a second time. You may be wondering what you can do to support Jack. Here are three ways you can help.

1. Prayer

Jack has spent six years battling unjust government action that caused him to lose 40 percent of his business. But Jack stood strong because of his unshakable faith. God provided for him through a Supreme Court victory.

Even though he is facing another uphill climb against the same state actors, Jack still trusts in God and His plan. Without a doubt, your prayers were vital to Jack throughout his first legal battle. Now, facing yet another long battle, Jack needs your prayers more than ever.

2. Spread the Word

After Jack declined to design a same-sex wedding cake in 2012, he received numerous death threats. The left-leaning media demonized Jack as “hateful” even though he serves everyone. The messages and threats got so bad that Jack’s wife, Debi, was afraid to go into the shop.

Already, some progressives are spreading false information about this second case. They are trotting out the same old tired narrative that Jack doesn’t serve certain people because of who they are. As you know, that is so far from the truth! Jack has never made a cake with a design that represents and celebrates a gender transition for anyone. It’s the message he cannot create.

You have the power to share the truth about Jack’s case. An attorney who was most likely trolling for a civil rights claim went after Jack. Then the state of Colorado legitimized the attorney’s actions by bringing another claim against Jack.

This is government targeting plain and simple. You can spread the word about this injustice and show your support for Jack whether it’s on social media or in conversations with your friends and coworkers.

3. Support Jack Financially 

Jack has put a lot on the line for religious liberty—including his name, his time, and his business. If you’re in the Denver, Colorado area, consider supporting Jack by visiting Masterpiece Cakeshop and purchasing some of Jack’s beautiful creations.

You can also support Jack by donating to Alliance Defending Freedom. As you know, lawsuits and legal defense cost a lot of money. Jack has already gone all the way to the Supreme Court, and now he is faced with yet another arduous legal battle. Your donation will help Jack continue to stand strong without having to worry about legal fees.

Jack Phillips faces another fight against government targeting. But there is so much reason to have hope! We already know that when we show up to fight for religious liberty, we can be victorious. After all, God’s favor and Jack’s courage have already brought us a victory at the Supreme Court.

Maureen Collins

Web Writer

Maureen has a passion for writing and politics, and her work has appeared on The Federalist and

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