BLOGAbortion and Children: Where Do Activists Draw the Line?

By Marissa Mayer Posted on: | July 02, 2018

The Sacramento Bee recently reported that a science teacher at Sutter Middle School is being investigated by the Sacramento City Unified School District following complaints from parents who learned that the teacher showed students these Live Action abortion videos during a sex-education class.

If you remember, Live Action released the series of videos featuring former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino in 2016. In the videos, Dr. Levatino describes, in detail, what happens during different abortion procedures: chemical abortion (abortion pills), aspiration (suction) abortion, D&E (surgical) abortion, and induction (3rd trimester). His commentary is accompanied by a cartoon depiction of what he is describing.

Whether the teacher obtained appropriate permission or followed the necessary procedures to show the videos to students remains to be seen. But regardless of those facts, the situation begs some important questions.

Here we have children (and their parents after the fact) who were disturbed by seeing what really happens during surgical and non-surgical abortions. The genius of the Live Action videos is that they don’t sugarcoat the facts. While abortion groups Like Planned Parenthood would have people believe that a D&E or surgical abortion is nothing more than harmlessly removing a blob of tissue from the womb, the reality is quite different. And the Live Action videos remain true to reality.

That said, I completely agree with the students. Abortion is gruesome. What happens to children in the womb during an abortion is the stuff nightmares are made of.

But if these children are so disturbed by seeing what abortion really is, should we be promoting abortion to these same children in the first place?

Planned Parenthood works hard to be the go-to for children on anything related to sex. They push sex education in public schools as early as kindergarten. Over time, they build a relationship with students and begin promoting everything from sexual activity between minors to abortion.

So when those sexually active teens get pregnant, guess who is there to swoop in for the “rescue” with an expensive abortion? You guessed it—Planned Parenthood.

And then there’s the consent issue that the Sacramento situation brings to light.

If parental consent might be necessary to simply show a 13-year-old what an abortion is really like, should an abortionist be able to commit an abortion on a child without parental consent?

In other words, wouldn’t you want to know if your underage daughter was having an abortion? Of course.

But that hasn’t stopped Planned Parenthood from fighting against laws that require parental consent or even notification.

But here’s the truly ironic thing:  In California, a girl under the age of 18 cannot even get her ears pierced unless a parent is present or she can present what basically amounts to a notarized permission slip signed by mom or dad.

Where are Planned Parenthood’s cries of “my body, my choice,” over that one?

But in all seriousness, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have any qualms about committing abortions on your children. They are so comfortable with it in fact that they’ll even cover up suspected sexual abuse. 

A recent report, also by Live Action, outlines this penchant for covering up abuse, which makes the abortion giant the preferred choice for many abusers when their victims become pregnant. 

Planned Parenthood’s repeated failure to report such incidents has allowed abusers to continue abusing their victims, often for years. This reputation has led to Planned Parenthood becoming a haven for sexual abusers and sex traffickers . . . In fact, Planned Parenthood was the top most-visited facility for trafficking victims, second only to hospital emergency rooms. When asked why they went to Planned Parenthood, one survivor said ‘because they didn’t ask any questions.’

The truth is that Planned Parenthood grooms children to become future abortion clients because that’s where the money is. They don’t care that promoting risky sexual behavior is harmful to children. They don’t care that they are committing abortions on teenagers without their parents’ knowledge. And they don’t care that children are suffering because they mistake privacy for ignorance and obscurity.

The one bright spot in this whole Sacramento situation is that parents are getting involved. Parents have a right to ask important questions if they disagree with what their children are being taught in school.

But I still can’t help but wonder if the outrage would’ve been the same, if the school board would’ve been so quick to act, if the teacher had shown Planned Parenthood’s highly glossed-over abortion videos instead.

The real question then becomes, if we’re going to talk to kids about abortion, shouldn’t we give them the whole story? Or are we content to cover up the facts like abortion activists seem prone to doing?

Abortionists like Planned Parenthood need to be held responsible. It’s bad enough what they do to women, but they certainly have no business targeting our children as well.

Marissa Mayer

Senior Web Writer

Marissa Mayer is an Arizona native who fell in love with the written word at a young age.

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