BLOGA Somewhat Atypical Day in the Life of a Working Woman at ADF

By Jeana Hallock Posted on: | September 19, 2016

My day began as it usually does with rousing my two little ones, including all that that involves – diaper changes, snuggles, some fussing and eating, and the typical “Where are we going Mom?” from my two-year old. I reminded her it was a work day for mommy, but that there were only two more days until the weekend when I’ll spend every possible moment with them.

I dropped them off with Nanna and headed to a doctor’s appointment – this is one of the atypical parts of my day. The midwives greeted me saying, “We’re so glad you’re back! You’re our second third time mom.” Today was the first appointment to confirm baby number three is on the way. One of them joked with me that birth number 10 would be free and smiling I said “I’ll keep that in mind”—a response I’m not sure she was expecting. One of the midwives shared that she had delivered eight babies for one family in her previous practice. Most people would express shock… and in typical fashion I did, but working at ADF, it wasn’t the type of shock that most might expect.

When we at ADF say that we are pro-life and pro-family, it means something. We, individually and as an organization, walk it out. Now, I’m not saying that all of us are going to end up with 20 kids and counting. Nor am I saying that all of us have the same convictions on every life issue. But what I can say is that the culture and the policies of ADF will stretch and encourage you as a pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious liberty advocate (this is just one benefit of working in an organization that is truly ecumenical).

My husband and I have been married all nine years that I’ve been employed at ADF. We’re only now facing the adventure of having three kids ages three and under. My personal story isn’t that I always had the same convictions that I have now. When I came to ADF I was happily married and faithfully taking a supposedly non-abortifacient birth control pill. My faith tradition had firmly instilled the belief that abortion—taking an innocent human life—was wrong, but it hadn’t conveyed the convictions of some of my Catholic and other committed natural-family colleagues: that conception is yet another area of life where we should yield control to God; that God designed natural methods of birth control and natural results of sex and intended sex to be open to the possibility of life; that maleness and femaleness included a powerful life-creating potential that expressed both vulnerability and commitment within marriage; and that the command to “be fruitful and multiply” may not have simply morphed into the New Testament command to “go and make disciples.”

Both my work in support of the family and my interaction with my colleagues sharpened my convictions on these issues, and eventually my husband and I determined that a chemical contraceptive was not morally an option for us. The timing of our conviction was good because not long after, ADF as an organization evaluated its moral convictions on the issue too. Ultimately, ADF determined that it could no longer be complicit in preventing life by providing contraception through its health insurance plan. Then, before my first child was born, ADF instituted an extended maternity and paternity leave policy, including for adoptive parents, which exceeds the federal requirements; so, when my new bundle of joy arrives I’ll have the option to spend 16 weeks with him or her and baby’s older siblings.

I know that I am called to the work that I do, but I cannot express how much I have cherished the time that I’ve been able to be a “stay-at-home mom” as a result of that generous policy. And when I return to work and I’m nursing baby, I know that I’ll be able to pump during breaks in the lactation rooms ADF provides.  And I’m excited about the newest pro-family ADF policy for moms like me who have to travel on occasional overnight trips; it assists a nursing mom if she wants to have a care-taker travel with her and baby up to the time that baby is one-year-old.

So, earlier today, it was only appropriate that I ran out to buy diapers as a gift for a mom I barely know and to celebrate the life of another little miracle with my colleagues at yet another baby shower in the ADF breakroom, during which I, of course, found out that another co-worker is due in the same month as me. (Expecting moms are rarely ever alone here!).

And my day will end, like it does every weeknight, when I go home and am greeted by two (soon to be three) smiling faces reminding me of the blessing of working at ADF.

The HR team prays regularly for godly people to be a part of our team. If you think God might be calling you to work on the ADF team, check out our open positions here and fill out an application. 

Jeana Hallock

Legal Counsel

Jeana Hallock serves as legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is a member of the Center for Conscience Initiatives.

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