BLOGThe Top 10 (or so) Planned Parenthood Deceptions

By Marissa Mayer Posted on: | September 18, 2015

The Planned Parenthood PR machine has been working overtime to combat the negative publicity the abortion giant has received since the release of a series of undercover videos by The Center for Medical Progress. The videos show Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of baby parts, advertising the freshness of the baby parts they collect and sell, and discussing altering abortion methods to obtain intact body parts. This is not behavior you would expect from an organization that claims to care about women's health. But the deception doesn't end there.

Instead of addressing the videos, Planned Parenthood has attempted to convince the American public that they are not only necessary to ensure American women receive healthcare, but that they are deserving of the over $500 million in taxpayer funding they receive each year. It's time to put a stop to the deception and show the world the truth about Planned Parenthood.

Deception 1: Planned Parenthood provides essential care women can’t get anywhere else.  

The truth is, when it comes to affordable, quality healthcare, Planned Parenthood is greatly outnumbered. Not only do federally qualified health centers offer far more health services for women and their families (Planned Parenthood doesn't even provide mammograms!), but these places don't treat women like incubators and their unborn children as parts to be collected and sold.

Deception 2: If Planned Parenthood loses funding, other clinics will be overwhelmed with new patients.

If maybe, maybe 2% of women ever step foot in a Planned Parenthood during the year, and better healthcare options for women outnumber Planned Parenthoods by nearly 20-1 in most states, what does that equal? Watch the video and we'll tell you.  

Deception 3:  Defunding Planned Parenthood would actually increase abortion

The good 'ol Lone Star State has a comeback for this one. They defunded Planned Parenthood in 2012. Did Texas women start aborting their children en masse?  

Deception 4:  Planned Parenthood wants to reduce abortion.

Let's be serious. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortionist in the United States and worldwide, only China and Russia do more abortions every year than Planned Parenthood.

Deception 5: Planned Parenthood cares for poor women in rural and underserved areas.

Planned Parenthood really doesn't seem to like rural areas very much because there certainly aren't too many Planned Parenthood clinics located there. Fewer potential customers, maybe? 

Deception 6: Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion.


Deception 7: Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion.

Yes, we're saying it again. Why? Because that's how ridiculous it is. 

Deception 8: Planned Parenthood is a good-hearted “non-profit.”

If only all “non-profits” could be billion dollar corporations that receive more than $500 million from hardworking Americans each year. If only.

Deception 9: Planned Parenthood is “relentless” about screening for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a big concern for women. So why does Planned Parenthood continue to deny women potentially life-saving mammograms? Not a single Planned Parenthood has a mammogram machine. Not one. And why has Planned Parenthood cut the screenings it does do in half?

Deception 10: Planned Parenthood is needed to reduce sexual transmitted infections.

If Planned Parenthood was going to reduce sexually transmitted infections, don't you think they'd have done so by now? After all, America's favorite eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, founded Planned Parenthood way back in 1916. 

Deception 11: Redirecting funds from Planned Parenthood to trustworthy care providers would create a women’s health apocalypse.

NO ONE is suggesting that we cut funds for women’s health. Just Planned Parenthood. Women deserve better.

Take Action:

Share these videos with your family and friends and encourage them to spread the truth about Planned Parenthood. Thanks to the abortion giant's deceptions, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about Planned Parenthood. It's time to set the record straight.  

Marissa Mayer

Senior Web Writer

Marissa Mayer is an Arizona native who fell in love with the written word at a young age.

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