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Jun 19, 2017

East Lansing Farmer's Market: Isn't There A Better Way?

You may have heard: East Lansing, Michigan, is in the news.

The city of East Lansing is now facing a lawsuit when it comes to the city's farmers market.

The suit was filed this morning after the city excluded Charlotte-area farmer Steve Tennes and his family from selling their crops at the farmer's market because of the family's religious beliefs.

The dispute started in August last year when a person reached out to Steve Tennes on the Country Mill's Farm Facebook page regarding their religious marital beliefs.

Tennes responded honestly stating he and his family will not book same-sex couple weddings at their farm because it is against their religious views.

Since then, the situation escalated and the city of East Lansing refused Tennes and his family a spot at the farmer's market and now the Tennes family is taking legal action against East Lansing.

Depending on whom you listen to, East Lansing is either standing up to bigots or violating the First Amendment rights of Catholic farmers. As the latest in a growing list of same-sex marriage disputes, it’s no surprise the story has been garnered localstatewide, and national attention.

  • Case:Country Mill Farms v. City of East Lansing
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