Become an Alliance Defending Freedom Allied Attorney


If you want to be part of a winning legal team that’s making a profound difference at the national, state, and local levels by defending religious liberty, Alliance Defending Freedom offers you the opportunity to become part of our legal network.  You can begin the process of becoming an Alliance Defending Freedom Allied Attorney by filling out an application online and signing an agreement to Alliance Defending Freedom statement of faith.  (You do not have to have attended an Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Academy, though you must be able to meet the requirements for attendance.)

As an Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that go with being part of a thoroughly professional, highly motivated team, including: eligibility for legal referrals … opportunities to apply for grants and funding for cases involving clients who lack the necessary financial resources to fight for their religious liberties … and access to the full legal, material, and professional resources of Alliance Defending Freedom.
You’ll also have the opportunity to provide and report pro bono service in some cases that specifically involve the core issues of Alliance Defending Freedom. Participation is voluntary.  Alliance Defending Freedom has created the Honor Corps to recognize those allied attorneys who have completed 450 hours of pro bono service, and offers special awards in recognition of significant milestones in reported service.