What is Grants and Funding?

Almost every lawyer, at some point in their career, encounters a case that moves them deeply and stirs a desire to help … but there is virtually no remuneration.  The client has no money and while your heart goes out to that individual, the hard truth is that litigation costs money.
Of course, it’s one thing if you work for a major firm that can absorb the costs of a case like that, but smaller firms and individual attorneys often just can’t afford to invest the necessary time and expenses in representing a client pro bono.

That’s where Alliance Defending Freedom can be of assistance.  For lawyers confronted with a religious liberties case they believe in, but simply can’t afford to take on, we offer two things:
1) Financial resources that will enable you to help the people you want to help.
2) A partnership that goes beyond mere monetary support.
Since its launch in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has provided attorneys like you with more than $36 million through thousands of grant awards that have helped fund cases, amicus efforts, and litigation-related projects across the United States and around the world.  We recognize that without financial and other support, many cases Alliance Defending Freedom cares about will go un-litigated.
So what we supply is a partnership: our investment meets your investment.  You litigate the case; we assess, evaluate, and contribute financial support and legal expertise where needed.  We rarely underwrite an entire case.  But often we can provide crucial cash flow to cover some of the costs of litigating cases that require a heavy investment of time and resources.
Of course, requests for this kind of assistance always outpace the resources immediately available – so your application doesn’t automatically guarantee that “the check is in the mail.”  That said, every application will receive thoughtful attention, and our financial support is in no way limited by the extent of your direct involvement with Alliance Defending Freedom. You don’t have to be an Allied Attorney or a Volunteer to request – and receive – our help.  
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