What is the Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Network?

Whatever their background, training, experience, or area of specialty, members of the Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Network share two essential qualities:

1)  A profound personal commitment to defending religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

2)  A driving determination to make a lasting difference.

Working in conjunction with the Alliance Defending Freedom legal team has enabled these lawyers to accomplish both goals.  Over the past 18 years, this alliance-building legal ministry has established a unique, winning formula that combines strategy, training, funding, and litigation in the defense of religious liberty – and has contributed to nearly 3,000 major court cases and projects through litigation, financial grants, and legal support. Alliance Defending Freedom has litigated nearly 80 percent of its cases to a victorious conclusion.  Those victories have been critical to stemming and reversing an aggressive legal tide that for decades has suppressed religious liberty and threatened to erode the most cherished foundations of American society.
Victories have been built on the solid teamwork between our accomplished staff attorneys and their legal allies around the globe.  By supplying crucial resources, specific training, and learning opportunities, along with dependable legal support and consultation, Alliance Defending Freedom has equipped lawyers worldwide with the materials, insights, and confidence they need to stand boldly for their clients amid an increasingly hostile legal culture.
As a member of the Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Network, no lawyer need ever feel alone.  Allied Attorneys can be confident they have the knowledge and support they need to win.

Join the Network.